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Limited Slots Available!

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M3 Dinner Locals

Join other seasoned founders for a private dinner in the city that you are currently in!

Limited Slots Available!

Next Dinner: Barcelona | June 27th, 2024


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What Awaits You....

Imagine a event spent with seasoned founders for a private catered dinner each month in a themed venue chosen to enhance the experience. 

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Strategic Connections

Each dinner the organizers will sit you next to other entrepreneurs that have similar business niches, goals or interests. 

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Interactive Q&A
In addition to the strategic connections created we also create a list of questions to engage in thoughtful conversations with your tablemates. 

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Interpersonal Networking
Dinner attendees will also receive a list of other founders at the event that were chosen for you for the most impactful connections. 

Limited Slots Available!

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Meet Your Dinner Creators


Tommy Joiner       (The Maverick Founder)


Tommy Joiner, a globetrotting entrepreneur, has journeyed across borders and industries, embracing a location-independent lifestyle. Based in Barcelona, he's a driving force in the entrepreneurial world. With over 12 years of experience, Tommy has built and exited one copywriting business. As he excelled in building, scaling, and selling online businesses he then became the owner of His leadership has propelled the company to the forefront of SEO content writing services, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology. Tommy's relentless innovation and business acumen have reshaped industries, cementing his reputation as a dynamic entrepreneur.

Ray Blakney     (The Serial Entrepreneur)


Ray is an American that grew up in Turkey and now is based in Mexico with his wife and family. Over his 20 years in the business world he has built 20 profitable companies. Ray and his wife started a full-fledged brick and mortar language school in Mexico and quickly expanded to a learning platform online. Today, Live Lingua has served over 15,000 students, offering classes in eleven different languages! Ray founded Podcast Hawk, had a chocolate factory, a marketing company, a consulting business, a online toilet paper company and the list goes on and on. Just ask him what business he started this month! 


Max Levy    (The Networker)


Max is a true networker. Everyone he meets is a friend and the guy to go to if you want to get connected. On top of his incredible talent of connected humans he is the founder and owner of RenteR.Digital a prop-tech startup that is a luxury apartment concierge service. 

Throughout Max's travels, he was instantly captivated by the robust community of self-aware founders and entrepreneurs he discovered in the culturally rich city of Barcelona, where he has now been a resident for nearly two years. Max is passionate about learning and sharing new experiences with high-value individuals, always eager to build authentic connections and bring out the best in everyone he interacts with.

Chris Reynolds     (The Lifestyle Entrepreneur)


Chris has been an entrepreneur for over 14 years running online businesses and services that support entrepreneurs in their growth to scale their companies. He co-founded M3 Entrepreneur Club which is a peer-to-peer network of top-tier business owners. Chris has created 10 international business accelerators since 2015, he is also the founder and host of The Business Method Podcast. The podcast began in 2015 & currently has over 600 episodes where they are currently interviewing founders of billion dollar companies and the world's most interesting people. Chris is currently based in Barcelona but has been a location-independent entrepreneur for over 12 years, living in multiple countries & traveling the world during that time.

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Limited Slots Available!

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