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M3 Entrepreneur Community: Elevating Entrepreneurship, Enriching Connections.

Welcome to M3

Where Relationships Transform into Business and Beyond

M3 is a global, location-independent community for accomplished entrepreneurs who've achieved notable success in their fields. M3 serves as a nexus where visionary leaders come together, not only to amplify their businesses but also to foster enduring relationships and shared experiences.

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Introductory Video
Experience M3 Live

Uncover the heart and soul of M3. Watch our video to explore the ethos, purpose, and vision that define our vibrant community.

From Mexico to Morocco, Las Vegas, and beyond—dive into the highlights of M3's epic journeys. See the community in action. Dive in!

Dive deeper to unveil the unique benefits of M3 and our special Founding Member offer. Keep scrolling to discover the exceptional opportunities awaiting you.

Is M3 Right for You?

Proven Leaders: You've led teams, pioneered projects, and created measurable impact.

Who M3 is For

M3 isn’t for everyone. It's meticulously curated for those entrepreneurs who've tasted victory and are hungry for more:

Achievers: You've taken businesses from their infancy, nurtured them, and successfully scaled them to impressive 7 or 8-figure valuations. Alternatively, you've strategized, maneuvered, and celebrated prosperous exits from your entrepreneurial ventures.

Global Explorers: The world is your playground. You have an insatiable thirst for adventure, valuing the perspectives and experiences that international living and travel bring. Whether it's sealing a business deal, seeking inspiration, or simply experiencing a new culture, the globe is your canvas.You've led teams, pioneered projects, and created measurable impact.


Community Champions: Beyond personal success, you're driven by a desire to uplift others. You believe in mentoring emerging talent, giving back to the community, and the power of collective growth.

Holistic Entrepreneurs: Business is just one facet of your life. You cherish commitments outside of work, like family and personal growth, and understand that a balanced life is a successful one.

Visionaries: You don't just dream; you execute. And now, you're aiming for the stars.

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Lifelong Learners: Continuous growth and evolution are your mantras. You believe in the infinite potential that the right community can unlock and the lessons that every journey can teach.

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Next Level Network: Engage with peers who, like you, are on a trajectory towards greater successes.

M3 isn't just another group. It's a nexus of innovation, mentorship, and unbridled ambition:

Why Consider Joining M3

Tailored Resources: Access tools, insights, and experts calibrated for the challenges and aspirations of high-achieving entrepreneurs.

Collective Growth: In M3, we believe in mutual elevation. Every success, every insight, every connection is shared and celebrated.

Global Perspective: With members hailing from diverse sectors and geographies, broaden your horizons and adapt global best practices.

Why Secure Your Exclusive Founding Membership?


Accelerated Growth

Access tools, insights, and experts calibrated for the challenges and aspirations of high-achieving entrepreneurs.

Curated Connections

Join a select group of like-minded entrepreneurs who share your ambition and drive. Forge meaningful connections with fellow Founding Members, amplifying your network and sparking collaborative ventures.

Global Reach

Engage with peers from diverse sectors and geographical locations. Expand your horizons and embrace cross-cultural learning, enabling you to adapt global best practices and seize international opportunities.

Window of Opportunity

Act swiftly to secure your Founding Membership at the exclusive rate of $10K. This special pricing is limited to the first 10 early-bird registrants, providing you with a chance to be part of M3's foundational journey.

Direct Access

As a Founding Member, you'll enjoy direct access to M3's leadership, tapping into their expertise, insights, and guidance to fuel your journey towards greater success.


Exclusive Events

Immerse yourself in exclusive events tailored to Founding Members. Gain direct insights from industry experts, thought leaders, and successful entrepreneurs who are dedicated to your growth.


3-Year Impact

Commit to a 3-year journey of growth and transformation. This extended time frame ensures you have ample time to experience the full spectrum of M3's offerings and witness the profound impact on your entrepreneurial journey.


The M3 Community Awaits You

Don't just be a spectator; be a catalyst of change within M3. Secure your spot as a Founding Member and embark on a transformative journey that's bound to shape your entrepreneurial narrative.

Exclusive Founding Member Offer

The M3 Promise: It's a Community that will change your life!

Regular Annual Membership: $18K

M3 Founding Member Invitation: $15K for 3 years!

Exclusive Price: Act swiftly and secure your membership for just $15K. This special rate is reserved for the next 15 early-bird registrants.

Next Tier: Once the final 15 spots are filled, the membership rate will increase to back to $18k annually.

Deadline Alert: Exclusive rates are available for a limited time only. Afterward, standard rates will apply. Don't miss this window of opportunity.

Extended Commitment: All founding members will benefit from a continuous 3-year M3 experience.

Events at True Value: Immerse yourself in M3 events over these 3 years, available at direct cost, maximizing your engagement and value within our dynamic community.

Why This Special Offer?

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At M3, we're at an exhilarating juncture of growth and evolution. As we expand our horizons and reshape our community, we want to bring in fresh perspectives, diverse experiences, and innovative minds.

By offering this exclusive pricing, we aim to attract visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in themselves and contribute to our vibrant ecosystem. This isn't just about numbers; it's about curating a unique blend of talents and insights to propel M3 to unparalleled heights. 

By embracing this offer, you're not just joining a group — you're co-creating the future of M3 with us.

Curious? See if M3 is the right fit for your entrepreneurial journey:

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 Your M3 Experience Awaits

Live Events

Exclusive in-person events designed to change the way you think about business and life. Imagine meeting other M3ers on a vineyard in Tuscany, on a yacht in the Mexican Riviera, at a desert camp in Morocco or in the Algarve to learn from a billionaire. Those are the types of events we host at M3 and our members all get a special discount that ranges from 30-50% off of the ticketed price. 

Member Breakout Sessions

Tackle business challenges with the support of the M3 community. Find solutions, advice, and fresh perspectives.

M3's Private Slack Channel

A space for updates, insights, and some light-hearted community banter. Connect and collaborate.

Exclusive Mastery Sessions

Direct access to some of the most successful entrepreneurs. M3 hosts monthly sessions with people like the Priceline billionaire Jeff Hoffman, the entrepreneur guru Alex Hormorzi, the first woman to build a billion-dollar company Janice Howroyd, to the NavySEAL, FBI Agent & NYC SWAT team leader, Errol Dobler. 

Personalized Sessions with M3's Founders

Benefit from regular touchpoints with M3 leadership. Leverage their expertise for your business needs.

Specialized Mastermind Calls

Zoom sessions every four weeks with experts and M3 leaders to set concrete goals using the S.M.A.R.T methodology.

Sneak Peek: M3 in 2024

Anticipate new features and initiatives designed to amplify your M3 experience:

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Specialized Breakout Group Sessions: Tailored to your unique interests, these sessions delve deep into specific topics, fostering meaningful discussions and connections.

1x1 Strategic Networking: Build powerful relationships through personalized networking opportunities with fellow accomplished entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

High-Profile Events: Engage with top-tier entrepreneurs and thought leaders during exclusive events, gaining fresh insights and innovative perspectives. These forthcoming additions promise to elevate your M3 journey to new dimensions, empowering you to network, learn, and grow with even greater depth and purpose.

Testimonials & Success Stories

Video Testimonials: Hear firsthand from our members about their transformative M3 experience.

Facing the abyss of an 85% traffic drop, one member defied the odds. With resilience and the right guidance, they turned their online language company around, culminating in a triumphant $2.7M sale in just six months.

Another member in the cybersecurity domain astoundingly secured a multi 7-figure investment, propelling their aspirations of launching a pivotal fund.

The transformation isn't always financial. A serial entrepreneur, once consumed by their business ventures to the detriment of their health and family, found a new perspective. Through support and introspection, they not only rekindled bonds with their loved ones but also rediscovered the balance between passion and personal life.

One member, fueled by ambition, took their upscale apparel brand from regional fame to international recognition, expanding their market and influence.

These are just a glimpse. Others in our community have ventured internationally with luxury brands, made notable tech acquisitions, and launched impressive startups. Every story is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit alive in our midst.

The Power of Long-Term Commitment

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When you step into the world of M3, you're not just gaining membership; you're becoming an integral part of a thriving and dynamic community. This isn't a fleeting connection. Our Founding Member offer is rooted in a visionary commitment to three years of collective growth and transformation.

True value and profound change don't happen overnight. Just like a masterpiece is shaped by time and dedication, the most significant impacts and outcomes emerge through consistent engagement, shared wisdom, and enduring relationships.

Join a community that's dedicated to your sustained success, recognizing that the journey is as vital as the destination.

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 Your M3 Experience Awaits

Are you curious about the transformative potential that lies within the M3 experience? Are you ready to rewrite your entrepreneurial narrative? Dive into the world of M3 by applying today.

Discover if your aspirations align with the ethos of our vibrant and close-knit community. Your journey towards lasting success starts here.

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