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~ Experienced Based Networking for Seasoned Founders ~

M3 is an international club of founders running high net-worth businesses. All members have established businesses that can be operated anywhere in the world. 

The community is set up as a support system that provides connection & a network to form genuine relationships that give significant business value. 

Introductory Video

Uncover the heart and soul of M3. Watch our video to explore the ethos, purpose, and vision that define our vibrant community.

Experience M3 Live

From Mexico to Morocco, Las Vegas, and beyond—dive into the highlights of M3's epic journeys. See the community in action. Dive in!


Imagine being a part of a world-class community that facilitates business growth, deep connections & creates lifelong memories at every event!

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“Being a part of M3 has helped me upgrade not only my businesses but my life. It's a great group to be around, & they are teaching me to push my limits past the point that is comfortable to get to the next level in my life & in my businesses.” 


Ray Blakney, Founder of 20 Profitable Companies

Find Your People

Imagine being a part of a world-class community that facilitates business growth, deep connections & creates lifelong memories at every event!


Exclusive Club for Seasoned Founders

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Facilitated & Niched Masterminds

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 Business Connections & Growth

World-Class Live Events

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"To be able to come to an M3 event is just beautiful, the people, the food, the opportunities to expand my knowledge and my business. Everything is so inspiring. 

Niko Branzatto, Co-Founder of Polished Shoes and Transformed Homes


M3 also provides the opportunity for members to have private Q&A sessions with some of the top entrepreneurs, investors & thought leaders in the world.


Chris Voss

FBI's Lead Negotiator

Jim Rogers.jpg

Jim Rogers

Billion Dollar Investor


Alex Hormozi

Author of $100M Offers


Steven Kotler

Performance Expert


Christian Owens

Founder of $1B SaaS

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Previous Events

Titan Talk w/ 80/20 Author

Richard Koch

Algarve, Portugal

May 2024

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Photo Aug 04 2023, 10 15 45 AM (2).jpg
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Titan Talk w/ Billionaire

Drayton McLane

Austin, TX

Aug. 2023

One of the coolest things about M3 is they use experiences to connect entrepreneurs together. Other groups I have been a part of in the past were really hard to form friendships & strong bonds. They make it easy to for this to happen. It’s been fantastic!

Mark Zhang, Founder of Manta Sleep


Biohacking in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Feb. 2023

IMG_7466 (1).HEIC
Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 12.31.54 PM.png

M3 | Morocco

Sahara Desert, Morocco

Oct. 2022

M3 | Las Vegas

Feb. 2022

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I’ve been to a ton of networking events, conferences, meetups, & this kind of event doesn’t really compare. M3 creates a fun experiences for the members to connect. It’s not mastermind nonsense. It is high-quality people having a great time together!

Ethan Drower, Founder of CiteMedical

Specialized Mastermind Groups

In addition to our in-person events we also provide the option to join a private mastermind.


Think of these mastermind groups as your private board of advisors. They are designed to help you get feedback and work through your biggest challenges. Each group is designed to give you the most benefit possible from the curation, facilitation & selection of each member.

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M3 approaches business through a long-term relationship base that I absolutely love! Spending time with the right people is how you create long-term wealth. I’ve gotten a phenomenal amount of value, but not fluff-stuff. They are actual steps I can implement, & every single time it has happened, there was success behind it!

Daphne Thomson, Founder of Catch the Beat Digital Marketing Agency

The insight within the M3 ecosystem is absolutely fantastic! At the higher-level of business you're paid in your ideas, your strategy and your relationships. You can never invest too much time into relationships and it is great to get validation on that investment here within M3!

Jason Long, Serial Entrepreneur


The M3 community is a great experience. I’ve met very successful people. I love being member of it and I can’t wait for more!

Nathan Liao, Founder of CMA Exam Academy

These guys are the underground connectors that know everyone. They are one of the best I have seen at putting the right people together in the right room. Be in this room! 


Noah Laith, Serial Entrepreneur


“I think the experience was really awesome. It was just really nice to connect with other founders on a personal level. At the event we have a lot of business talk, we share ideas & we get to actually connect, and know one another on a deeper level. It was just really nice to connect in that way!” 


Saba Bosuener, Co-Founder of Social Growth Labs

"The vibe was good. People were engaging all the time and easy to talk to. I kind of liked that. The event was very insightful. It was a great experience."


Gabriel Courtemanche, Co-Founder of The Ticketing Co.


"The information that I got was very valuable to apply back into my business. I think it is really going to help. It's always great to get these  entrepreneurs in a fun environment, enjoying our time at an event like this, it's a really good combination!"

Matteo Lombardi, Founder of Ultimate Beauty

“I love, love being surrounded by like minded individuals, brainstorming together, discussing each other's business challenges. I find it very inspirational being at M3 events!” 


Anna Shcherbyna, Founder of Remotivate

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“Growth is about personal growth. It's about business growth. And when you're around M3ers and entrepreneurs from around the world, you have to grow personally and certainly grow business wise. This was my third event, and not my last!" 


Paul Reuter, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

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